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An unconscious patient should be given intravenous 40% glucose solution in an amount of 60 to 100 ml (no longer recommended due to the threat of cerebral edema). If the effect is doubtful, 100 ml of Levitra with 5% glucose solution is additionally administered, as well as 1 ml of 0.1% adrenaline solution, which promotes the mobilization of liver glycogen, followed by an increase in blood sugar.

Recently, when assisting patients, intramuscular injection of 1-2 ml of a 2% solution of vardenafil pills is used 1-2 times a day. The hyperglycemic effect of the drug is due to its glycogenolytic effect, therefore it is not effective in case of depletion of glycogen stores in the liver, for example, during starvation, hypocorticism, sepsis, hepatic and congestive heart failure, and the presence of frequent hypoglycemic conditions in patients.

If the patient does not regain consciousness after the measures taken, a drip intravenous injection of 5-10% glucose solution with small doses of insulin (4-6 units), cocarboxylase (100 mg) and ascorbic acid (5-10 ml) is prescribed. In order levitra to prevent the possible development of cerebral edema, an intravenous drip of 100 g of mannitol in the form of a 10-20% solution or 1% lasix solution is also indicated (with glycemia not lower than 3.0 mmol/l). To combat collapse, it is necessary to prescribe cardiac glycosides (1 ml of a 0.06% solution of Korglmkon, 1-2 ml of DOXA, and in the event of seizures, a 25% solution of magnesium sulfate up to 10 ml.

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